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News Announcement: Charlotte Edwards Featured in Showhouse Magazine

We are excited to share that Charlotte Edwards, known on social media as the Accidental Female Developer, has been featured in the latest issue of Showhouse magazine. This special article, titled “Men make houses… Women make houses too,” sheds light on the growing influence of women in the construction and property development industry. 


In the feature, written by Gill Oliver, Charlotte Edwards is celebrated as one of the trailblazing women who are not only building homes but also breaking down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field. The article highlights the inspiring journey of Charlotte Edwards, also known as the “Accidental Female Developer” who has become a significant force in the industry following a family tragedy. 

Charlotte Edwards, CEO of Dennis Edwards Homes, shares her story of stepping into her father’s shoes after his untimely passing and successfully delivering the company’s most profitable results to date. Her Instagram handle and glamorous online presence contrast sharply with the typical image of the housebuilding industry, making her a unique and influential figure.

“Strong female role models are something the construction industry in the UK really needs”, Edwards states in the article. Her success story includes managing a pipeline of over 50 houses and owning multiple commercial and residential properties. As a motivational speaker and coach, she encourages women to push beyond their comfort zones and take risks, emphasizing that women must be more daring to achieve parity with men in the industry.

The article also discusses the broader challenges and opportunities for women in construction, including the importance of social media as a tool for change and the need for more visible female role models. Edwards’ advocacy for women in the industry is further demonstrated by her involvement in a mentoring scheme designed to support and encourage young women entering the field.

This feature in Showhouse magazine is a testament to Charlotte’s dedication and innovative spirit at Dennis Edwards Homes. We are proud to see Charlotte Edwards recognized among other remarkable female leaders who are transforming the industry.

Read the full article in Showhouse magazine’s digital edition

At Dennis Edwards Homes, We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. This recognition is not only a personal achievement for Charlotte but also a reflection of our company’s values and vision for the future.

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